Memberships and partnerships

Energy efficiency and climate protection

Swisscom works with the myclimate foundation to draw up a carbon footprint for its products and services. A spin-off of the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, myclimate is an international leader in the area of CO2 compensation and possesses a wealth of expertise in carbon footprints and rating products.

Swisscom is currently working with myclimate in the areas of eco points and climate recommendations.

Together with other partners, Swisscom is investigating the conditions required for sustainable living and working and is sharing its findings with the public.

Swisscom is collaborating with various associations and organisations in the area of sustainable use of resources:

  • European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO), Working Group Sustainability: Swisscom was one of the first telecommunications providers in Europe to sign the ETNO Environmental Charter in 1996 and the Sustainability Charter in 2002.
  • ETNO Energy Task Team: Swisscom is a member of the Energy Task Team, a working group of European telecoms providers. The working group aims to develop best practice solutions in order to increase network efficiency.
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI): Swisscom has been a member of ETSI’s Environmental Engineering (EE) working group for seven years and has helped promote the ETSI Standard EN 300019-1-3 (class 3.1) governing the operation of IT facilities. The standard has since entered into force. The working group is currently drawing up uniform norms for verifying electricity consumption and assessing life cycles of network equipment and devices.
  • Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW): Swisscom joined the Energy Agency in 2003 and signed a new target agreement to improve its energy efficiency. The target agreement covers the years 2013 to 2020.
  • Swiss Association for Environmentally Conscious Management (ÖBU): Swisscom has been a member of this association since 1999.
  • WWF Switzerland: Swisscom is a member of WWF Climate Savers.
  • Swiss Confederation as a Role Model in the Area of Energy (Vorbildfunktion Bund im Energiebereich, VBE): The Swiss Confederation intends to lower its use of energy by implementing appropriate measures and assuming its responsibility as a role model in line with the 2050 Energy Strategy. To coordinate the overall efforts in this regard, the Swiss Confederation as a Role Model in the Area of Energy (Vorbildfunktion Bund im Energiebereich) coordination group was set up. Swisscom is a member of this coordination group.
  • Association for Environmentally Sound Electricity (VUE): The VUE certifies energy plants with the naturemade star and naturemade basic quality labels.
  • Verein Energo (an association which promotes energy efficiency in buildings): Swisscom has been represented on the Energo Board since 2008.

Swisscom has signed four external agreements: the ETNO Sustainability Charter, the Code of Conduct for Broadband Equipment, the Code of Conduct for Digital TV Services Equipment for TV set-top boxes and the voluntary target agreements with EnAW to improve energy efficiency in Switzerland. Swisscom is also involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other ratings activities.

Work-life balance

  • Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM): The FSM is a non-profit-making foundation based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). It supports scientific research into the opportunities and risks presented by radio and power technologies that use and/or produce electromagnetic fields. It also supports the publication and unbiased dissemination of research findings in order to eliminate knowledge gaps within society. Swisscom supports the FSM in its activities.
  • Home Office Day foundation: Swisscom is one of the sponsors of the national Home Office Day.
  • Umwelt Arena: Swisscom is an exhibition partner of the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach (canton of Aargau), a centre of competence in the area of sustainability. It takes visitors on an interactive journey through the possibilities of living a sustainable life style with regard to mobility, nutrition, construction, energy supply, communication and more. Visitors discover new Swisscom offerings in virtual mobility, “Smart Living” – the intelligent control of your home – and the recycling of mobile phones in the Umwelt Arena. Swisscom also uses the Umwelt Arena as an event platform for external and internal events and acts as its ICT partner.

Media skills and security

In line with legal requirements, Swisscom implements measures that offer the public additional added value. For example, the company works with a number of specialist organisations to better understand the needs of certain customer groups. These organisations help Swisscom in an advisory capacity and in return receive support from Swisscom in making Switzerland’s information society a reality. Both sides therefore benefit from this exchange.

The collaboration with individual organisations, institutions and official authorities takes many forms:

  • Swiss Foundation for Audiovisual Teaching Media (SSAB): Swisscom has been a member of the SSAB since 2008. It works with an extensive network to devise strategies and solutions for modern information provision in both a schooling and extracurricular context.
  • Worlddidac Association: The world’s biggest education trade fair, Worlddidac, is held every two years in Basel. It attracts more than 350 exhibitors who come to present their products and teaching materials to more than 20,000 visitors. Swisscom has been a partner of Worlddidac and the simultaneously held Swiss education fair Didacta since 2004. Its Swisscom Arena provides visitors with a central platform for exchanging views and ideas relating to trends in the education system.
  • Swiss Foundation for the Protection of Children: Swisscom and the Swiss Foundation for the Protection of Children are in contact over issues relating to media skills and media protection for minors.
  • European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO): Swisscom became a sponsor of the High Principles on Child Protection Charter in 2011. Originally initiated by ETNO, the charter is now supported by the industry itself. Under the charter, the sponsors commit themselves to a number of voluntary measures aimed at protecting young people from the negative impacts of digital media.

Dialogue partners and strategic partnerships

  • Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) – National Programme for the Promotion of Media Skills: Swisscom uses the FSIO programme as a platform for exchanging views with a large number of partners on the promotion of media skills. Swisscom supports the national programme by providing both financial resources and communication services.

Project-based cooperation

  • Pro Senectute (telephone chains)
  • Swiss Consortium for Alpine Regions (SAB)
  • Access For All foundation (knowledge database, experts for barrier-free access to Internet)
  • Procap Schweiz (dialogue and training partner for activities involving people with disabilities and for corporate volunteering)
  • Elternbildung CH (foundation promoting training for parents)
  • Pro Familia
  • Jugendschutz im Film (association for the protection of minors from films)

Swisscom worked with the above organisations in 2014 on a variety of projects which all offer direct added value for today’s information society.

Swisscom reviews memberships and partnerships on the basis of transparent criteria such as the thematic relevance or national significance of the organisation in question.

Attractive employer

Swisscom is a member of national and international institutions that deal with human resources:

  • International Institute of Management in Technology in Fribourg (iimt): The institute runs executive programmes and carries out research in the fields of ICT and utility management.
  • Swiss Employers’ Association: The association works to ensure social stability and a constructive social partnership.
  • Corporate Leadership Council (London): The Corporate Leadership Council conducts research on best practices in corporate management.
  • Swiss Association for ICT Vocational Training: Swisscom is represented on the governing board.
  • IT Vocational Training Switzerland foundation: Swisscom is represented on the foundation board.
  • Generation CEO: An initiative promoting female management talent.

Fair supply chain

To further underline its requirements in terms of corporate responsibility in the supply chain, Swisscom is involved in the following initiatives:

  • Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI): The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is a partnership of companies from the ICT sector whose aim is to promote sustainability.
  • EcoVadis (e-tasc powered by EcoVadis) – self-assessment tool for accountable supply chains: As part of its risk management system, Swisscom uses the self-declaration online questionnaire by EcoVadis for its suppliers.
  • Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC): Swisscom has been a member of the JAC since 2012. As part of the JAC, ten telecoms companies plan and conduct CR audits of their suppliers together.
  • Supply Chain Program of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): Swisscom joined the CPD’s Supply Chain Program in 2013 with the aim of creating more transparency with regard to the greenhouse gas emissions of its suppliers.

Networked Switzerland

Swisscom is involved in the industry associations economiesuisse, SwissHoldings, ICT Switzerland, Glasfasernetze Schweiz and asut. It has a seat on the boards of economiesuisse, Glasfasernetze Schweiz and asut, where it seeks to promote stable regulatory framework as a prerequisite for the continued investment in costly infrastructure expansion.